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tote bags!

1. Wash by hand or machine on cold and hang dry.
* color may fade lightly if dried in dryer.


1. Remove protective film from the back of the window cling.
2. Clean window surface (must be smooth surface to stick properly).
3. Spray desired location with a spritz of water (optional for best adherence).
4. Place suncatcher on window.
5. If window cling becomes dirty: run under water, use gentle soap, and air dry.

acrylic keychains!

If epoxy dome of keychain comes with dents or light scratches, please follow these steps. Note that we are not responsible for any damage done further to the keychains with these instructions. Follow at your own risk.
1. Place keychain epoxy-side up on a nonflammable surface.
2. Use heat gun or lighter and hover over affected areas until flaws disappear.
3. Let keychain cool on a flat surface before handling.

glass tumblers!

2. Use warm water and gentle soap to clean.
3. Avoid abrasion to the glass surface.
4. Allow tumbler and bamboo lid to fully dry separately before placing in a cool, dry location.
5. Avoid soaking the bamboo lid.
6. Avoid extreme heat.
7. NOT dishwasher or microwave safe.

mousepads/microfiber cloth!

1. Hand wash with mild soap and lukewarm water.
2. Gently scrub the surface to remove stains or dirt.
3. Avoid machine washing, dry cleaning, or using harsh chemicals.
4. Do not iron or expose to high heat.

in-person event schedule!

*List updated as of 4/20/24.

No in-person events for now! Come back soon, and follow @ohwhale.co on Instagram for the latest updates.

design/product portfolio

Here you will find several sections of my portfolio! Feel free to click on any images to enlarge.
Contact: [email protected]

Original Designs

Fan Art

Note: All K-Pop characters and designs (besides SKZOO) are derived from my own mind and creation.

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